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(#1) Harvesting and Analyzing Live Social Media Data

Social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Sina Weibo, have become essential real-time information resources with a wide range of users and applications. The rapidly increasing amount of live information in social media platforms requires the development of effective techniques for data harvesting and media content analysis.

The objective of data harvesting in social media platforms is to gather the relevant data from large scale and live social media platforms. This is not a traditional search task due to several properties of social media data. First, social media posts tend to be short and conversational in nature, and thus the contents and vocabularies used in the posts tend to change rapidly. Hence, the use of a fixed set of keywords cannot guarantee the gathering of sufficiently representative set of social media data. There is a need to track relevant microblogs using evolving keywords, key users and known locations. Second, the amount of social media data for a popular entity can be huge. For instance, there are more than 340 million tweets in twitter each day. Hence, a multi-faceted approach is needed to gather representative amount of data from live sites. Third, the content of microblogs has become increasingly heterogeneous and multimedia. Recent statistics show that about 30% of microblog posts now contain images, and most such images do not have relevant text annotation. Hence, there is a need to analyze multimedia content when processing such microblogs.

Once the microblogs are gathered, there is a need to analyze the microblogs to filter out irrelevant ones and identify key events expressed in remaining related microblogs. In particular, there is a need to perform multimedia social analysis to identify hot emerging events. In addition, there is a need to incorporate text, multimedia and social data to analyze user sentiments, social network and key user analysis, and predictive analysis on hot microblog posts and hot events etc.

This special session targets this emerging research topic and serves as a forum for recent advances in harvesting and analyzing live social media data. This special session is devoted to the publications of high quality papers on technical developments and practical applications around this topic.



The special session submissions are to be in the same format as full papers i.e. 8 pages double column.


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