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Camera Ready Instructions

The following information is provided to help you submit your camera ready paper. Please follow all instructions to ensure the submission process is completed successfully.

Camera-Ready Paper Preparation

You should modify your paper in response to the reviewers’ comments, which you should have already received. We hope that these reviews will provide you with useful feedback for improving your paper, and we expect you to adopt the reviewer’s comments to the best of your ability.

Your camera-ready paper must be submitted in PDF format, and cannot exceed *8 pages for full papers*, *8 pages for special session papers* and *4 pages for short papers*.

The style of the paper should strictly follow the formatting guidelines for ACM Proceedings. There are two ways to get the template:

  1. ACM website:, using the “Option 2” style.
  2. The templates can also be downloaded from the ICMR2014 website, from:

Before inclusion of your papers in the ACM Digital Library, it is critical that authors sign the ACM copyright form. ACM is pleased to be able to offer an automated copyright form collection system for ACM published proceedings. The lead author will be sent the copyright form and be asked to endorse the form on behalf of all contributing authors.

After completing the rights management form, you will be emailed the correct rights management text and bibliographic strip to place within your paper. This should appear at the bottom of the first page, left column, of each article.

A weekly reminder will be sent to authors with outstanding forms. Reminders will be sent every week.

Papers should include ACM Computing Classification categories and terms. The templates provide space for this indexing and point authors to the Computing Classification Scheme at:

We suggest “H. Information Systems” as the Scheme you should look at closely to find appropriate categories.


PDF files should be named #submission-firstauthorlastname.pdf, e.g. [*NUMBER*]-[*LAST-NAME*].pdf

*** Please upload your final PDF version of the camera ready paper to EasyChair ***

Important Dates
  • Receipt of the original signed copyright transfer form: Feb 19
  • Receipt of camera-ready copy paper: Feb 24
It is necessary that at least one of the authors registers and is able to present your work at the conference. Thank you very much, and look forward to seeing you in Glasgow!